The disease of sugar or diabetes, known as the disease of Diabetes Militus has been very popular among the people. Simply put, sugar is a disorder of one of the body’s mechanisms, the body’s mechanism that regulates blood sugar levels.

Sugar inside is the body fuel that comes from food. He is the source of all our energy. This energy is needed by the heart, lungs, brain, and by every cell of the body millions in number. Our body is constantly in need of energy, even when we are sleeping.

Because the excess blood sugar inside forces the kidneys to work harder to remove them together urine results in the patient will often urinate.

This causes the amount of fluid secreted by the body. That is why the patient continues to feel thirsty. Since blood sugar is not used properly, ie as a source of energy but wasted, weight is usually down and always feels weak, tired, and hungry.

The most important thing in the treatment of sick sugar is to organize the meal. That’s why this article is just about food for people with sick sugar.

Abstain Sugar Substance
Foods containing starch substances, such as rice, cassava, sago, corn, potatoes, and the like, are dangerous if given excessively in people with sugar pain. Because of this starch material that raises the patient’s blood sugar level. Therefore the sufferer should limit starch food.

But the sugar is not only derived from starch substances. Sugar, red dumplings, and sweet-tasting ingredients are also harmful for people with sugar pain. Including fruits.

Substitute Food

Patients with sugar pain as well as normal people, often also experienced changes in appetite from day to day. Maybe one time the patient can not finish his food.

Foods for patients in general can be eaten together with food for the family, as long as the scales are well known and the cooking does not use sugar.

Kratom is the traditional way of making and using the medicine made from plants; It is a favorite way of medical practice around the world. But Slowly as the time going on from day today, all People forget and stop using the Herbal medicine due to the new modern way of Healthcare and medicine.

It may be inconvenient that every day should use scales. Therefore as a measuring tool can be used ordinary starfruit glass or tablespoon.

Alcohol & amp; Bodybuilding

Important to remember. That alcohol is also harmful to people with sugar pain. Although it contains many calories, alcohol can cause hypoglycemia, ie blood sugar levels are too low.

With the symptoms generated include cold sweat, weakness, trembling, dizziness and dizzy eyes. Patients with sugar who drink alcohol from then experienced hypoglycemia is often thought to be drunk, but it is because the sugar levels in the body is too low.

Sugar does not require the patient to remain silent without activity. Quite the contrary! Bodybuilding is also beneficial for people who are just suffering from sugar sickness when they are older.

Bodybuilding burns energy, therefore more than usual bodybuilding must be accompanied by additional sugar foods. If there is negligence, the level of sugar will decrease during exercise, causing hypoglycemia.

If hypoglycemia happens, immediately drink one glass of sweet tea or syrup. Or eat candy. After that go to the doctor.